Thursday, December 3, 2009

Starting things off properly...

So I know what you're thinking... OH NOES!?!?!?! NOT PURPLE MARINES!!!! but this is what you get when you let your wife pick your chapter from the Space Marine Codex. And t add insult to injury, I let one of the dogs pick the company.. and she went for 8th Company... Great... drab grey. So I made lemonade.

Seriously, welcome to my humble beginnings of what I hope to be a WIP and 40k blog. To kick things off, here is my finished 2nd squad, 8th company of the Hawk Lords (AoBR models) and their accompanying Rhino (converted from a predator I bought off craigslist - with a bit of free hand). Please be forgiving as I figure out the best way to shoot pictures on my cramped little space at home. We'll just say, some are better than others.... also, feedback is welcome.


  1. I LOVE the Captain, Rhino and the freehand on it.

    I'll be watching your blog. Closely.

  2. Welcome to the fray!

    I'm going to 2nd the props on the Rhino. That just looks beautiful. Did you free-hand all of the lettering? It actually comes off as looking like sculpted relief work from a distance.

    Simply smashing!

  3. 2 things: first, I love Australian Sheppards,

    Second, great job on this army! Looks great!

  4. @tahrikmili - Thanks and I hope you enjoy what's coming...

    @warhammer 0.999975 ;) - Thanks to you also... and I did in fact free hand all of the lettering, but I have a little secret (carbon paper) that make it easier. I'll make sure to do a post on it once I'm back form my trip.

    @Mr.Esty - 1) if you love aussies, check out (shameless plug for my dog's website). 2) Thanks!

  5. Grats on getting started here bi0! The army looks fantastic.

    If you're gonna do it purple, might as well do it right. You certainly have!

    I look forward to more as you expand both your army and your site!