Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shrike and other WIPs

So I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been in the process of changing jobs and life is funny that way. However, I have been working, and here are some work in progress shots of my converted Shrike (I hate the Native American dancer pose he has), inspired by Ron over at From the Warp.

While I do like Ron's Shrike, I wanted something more commanding, imposing and authoritative. Something that would look cool with a mass of Assault Marines and Terminators standing behind him, and standing next to my converted Pedro Kantor (pics of him are coming).

I had bought the GW Shrike off a kid on Craigslist a couple years back, and only got as far as painting the purple on him. I just hate the pose, and every time I went to finish him, I just sat there looking at him and ultimately moved on to something else.

I'm actually really happy with how he turned out. I used the legs and torso from the commander sprue, Shrike jump pack (of course), and a couple of powerfits that fit the pose I was looking for. I cut the claws off a couple of terminator arms (I know.. blasphemy!) and worked them into the fists, adding little skulls (which I suck at sculpting) to cover the joint (actually, I did it to match Kantor). Lastly, the helm was pretty easy, as were the icons. Here he is in front of an Assault Squad (notice the TT/SS Sergent!). I think this works.

Lastly, here are some shots of my eight man Assault Terminator Squad. In these shots, I've finished the helmets, and have given them the base coat of Liche Purple. Washes are next... I've got a Landradier Crusader to go with these guys, but it's still in the box.

So the icon on the Termi's shoulders is a press mold I made from the Forgeworld kit ( I mentioned it here ). I've also used it on another Tactical squad I've been working on, and it has worked great. As always comments welcome.