Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As Promised - Forgeworld Raven Guard Sprues

This post, by design, is crazy pic heavy. I tried to ease the 'bandwidth suck' by making thumbnails but that didn't work out. Oh well! So here's what I got in the mail today straight from Forge World, huge fingernails and all.

First up, the captain...

 Next, the upgrade sprue...

All in all, I think they look great and can't wait to get some press molds done and put some paint on these guys.

As an added extra... here's what I've been working on this week.


  1. Those are AWESOME... Almost makes me wish I was building straight-up Raven Guard or Hawk Lords!

  2. My thoughts too... I figure the upgrade will make for a nice second set of sternguards, and the way the captain is made, you could easily make a Shrike replacement. Choices, choices...

    My green stuff is drying as I type this and I can't wait to see how the press molds turn out. If it goes as planned, I'll have a sweet assualt squad with little effort.
    Also, The un-helmeted head on the upgrade sprue has a tiny icon on his neck... nice attention to detail.

  3. press mold? I would love to see how that turns out.