Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gauss weapons and a resurrection orb

Well, I finally got round to finishing my first batch of necrons... and they look nothing like I started off. To be honest.. I kept reading the codex, looking at the pictures, and wasn't sure I like the color scheme I had chosen. Decisions, decisions. I sat there looking at my lord and his accompanying 40 warriors, thinking that the object source lighting would be a huge pain... plus (as my wife pointed out) necrons are all GREEN in the codex! To make matter worse, while in Colorado a few weeks ago I went and bought a monolith, and I was seriously fretting about the front portal and the crystal on the top... army scheme cohesion is seriously important to me. So here is where I stand...
I've finished my lord and 40 warriors with a technique that is somewhat easily repeated. The steps are similar to my last post, but I have changed it slightly. Basically, here's what I did: 1) built them and primed them using a metallic silver Krylon spraypaint 2) dipped them using Minwax 3) gave them a coat of matte (the minwax was glossy) 4) painted the eyes, gauss gun tube, and generator (?) area using sick green, high lighted with livery green 5) based them in an ashen wasteland theme using the GW 40k basing kit and a series of lighter grey dry brushes 6) added some coats of varnish as needed 7) stretched my back, and debated if I'll do the same thing for the scarabs! Here are some closer shots, including the obligatory '300' necron. I know, they probably don't move quick or jump, but I was experimenting with conversions and the axe part of the gauss gun made this pose seem logical.
What's next? I have the monolith, boo-koo scarabs, three wraiths and four destroyers. Good thing the codex sucks, otherwise I might feel pressured to get these guys finished and on a table. Also, If the mood hits me, I might work some more on my Hawk Lords second rhino and tactical squad. 

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