Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Behold - A Painted Necron!

More of an update than anything....

After three different paint schemes, quite bit of searching around the internets and trying weedeater string (0.095" is perfect) for the tubes (it works, I just did't like it), I've decided on a paint scheme (somewhat based on this technique).

Basically, it's highly repeatable, will look good on all Necron models, and consists of these steps:
1. Base coat the minis in Krylon Matte Aluminum.
2. Dip them in Minwax (the Minwax product I had was glossy) and let them dry forever!
3. Coat them in Matte finish (which also seals in the Minwax).
4. Paint the armor Reaper Brick Red and then Drybrush in VGC Hot Orange.
5. Paint the desired tubes Hot Orange and wash the gauss gun near said tubes with a 1:3 paint water mixture. Do the same to the Necron's eye sockets.
6. Repeat the wash using a 2:1:3 Hot Orange, VGC Dead White, and water mixture until happy (I did it three times), adjusting the mixture to get the lighting effect. Don't forget the eye sockets.
7. Hit the edges with VGC Dead White and dot the Necron's eyes.
8. Base him however you want and varnish with matte.
9. Coat the tubes in Gloss Varnish.
10. Yell "Boo-Ya!" and freak out the dog.

The rod took several tries (settled on this one), and I decided against
varnishing the armor. Yuck!


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  2. I bet evision said it [censored]

    J/K :P

    I like the overall look, but... I don't know. I'm not really feeling the painted tube.

    Maybe.. some lightning effects ala the Space Hulk P-sword but with a dark green base, washed in a watered down snot green, highlighting in white with the electrical effects, re-washing, re-detail, and rinse and repeat until you get that nice friendly pre-historic menace to all life look down pat

    I do agree that the stock green tube wouldn't be kosher with model as is, but yeah... Id still do somethign different

  3. Funny, I don't recall removing that post... oh well.

    So in case you hadn't noticed, I scrapped that scheme for a more traditional one. One using the classic green tubes, no less. I know, and I'm ashamed. While it makes the warriors a little "blah" it worked nice on my destroyers and I'm currently doing some line-highlighting on my monolith. Thanks for the feedback anyway...

    Guess I need to get off my butt and post more.