Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Forgeworld love for my Hawk Lords

For the eight of you who read this, Forge World's latest newsletter is out and they've finally released their Raven Guard upgrade pack and a new special character that is outlined in their 'Imperial Armour Volume 8'. 

I wasn't really expecting a Captain (since I have a 'Counts-As-Pedro' so I can use my Sternguard as troops), but I bought two of the upgrade sprues and one of the Captain Kordyvae sprue. Why? Well, I hate Shrike's overall look, and I have to be honest... I'm sure I'll switch out the heads on that Forge World model since his yelling face is cool but a little too "augmented" for my tastes.

As soon as they come in I'll shoot some high res photos of the sprues and post them on here... While I'm sure everyone will be buying them,  imagine I'm the only one painting them purple and gold.

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  1. Not quite the only one... I'm building a SM army that I'm imagining(quite by accident) to be a Hawk Lord successor chapter.

    Of course, I'll be using a darker purple and redder gold than you do on yours.