Monday, January 25, 2010

"Is that a codex in your pocket"

This week, I'm in Sacramento CA for work, and I had something funny happen to me while waiting to board the plane in El Paso. I was sitting there reading "Courage and Honor", the 5th Ultramarines book (which is better than the third, "Killing Ground" by leaps and bounds) and I glanced across the terminal at two men sitting on the other side. For a brief instance, I thought... that looked like a codex in his hand!
All I saw was the back cover for a brief moment... but I was fairly sure I saw a aquilla... I knew it was an aquilla - but I couldn't be sure. Like an eager little kid, I got all excited, especially since my marine codex was in my shoulder bag. After a couple of minutes of watching this guy, he reaches down and pulls out an imperial guard codex and a huge smile crossed my face.
I got up, walked over, and said (to a complete stranger mind you) "did I see a codex" as I pulled my codex from my shoulder bag. He laughed and invited me to sit down and chat. They were from El Paso and Las Cruces, were big time gamers, we exchanged info, and hopefully we'll be able to meet up and game a little once I get back from this trip.
It was a great experience, and says a lot for the community. It makes me smile even now as I write this. So I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experiense like this... please share if you have.

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