Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WIP and the joy of the not-so-matte finish...

Well, let me start off with some WIP shots of the attack bikes from my last post. While they did get some love in DC, they're not quite done. I've still got to work on some washes, and finishing up details, but I think they're coming together nicely.

Next up, my scout squad. I have to apologize for the lighting (new light box) and the "shiny" finish. I swear the can says matte, but it sure doesn't appear to be matte. Oh well, maybe a new can of matte and a second coat will take these guys somewhere. besides, they're just cannon fodder and only really serve to get my termi's homing beacon into place... poor smucks!

Lastly, here are some shots of my Assault Chaplain and his accompanying Assault Squad (including SS/TH sergeant), a couple of base coated rhinos and a predator (which will continue the previous paint scheme), some primed Sternguard, and my Chapter master (Counts as Pedro). Hope you enjoy and there's definitely more tom come.


  1. Love the chapter symbol on top of the Predator.

  2. Thanks Ron... but 3:59am?!?!?!??!

  3. Regarding the Matte finish, make sure it doesn't say "satin" anywhere in small print. A matte "satin" finish is actually a semi-gloss finish...

    Otherwise those are looking pretty darn good!