Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Multi-basing 'De-blooded' Space Hulk Terminators

So this is a bit of a detour, but my wife bought me a copy of space hulk for Christmas (thank goodness for those copies they "found"). Furthermore, she agreed to play a few games with me once I got the minis put together (she's a bit of a sci-fi junkie and thinks space marine terminators look like the mondoshawans from fifth element). At the time the package came in the mail, I had been thinking about swapping out my  terminators that were in my army (6 TH/SS and 2 LC in a LR Crusader) for some standard terminators. Like everyone else I love these models but don't play BA, so I thought it would be nice to use them both in my army (my Hawk Lords) and but retain the ability to use them in the Space Hulk game. monkiy

I didn't want to just quickly magnetize the premolded bases to some 40mm discs (which I had seen, but felt wasn't my style), so I tried a few options. I first cut some 40mm bases to fit the permolded bases, which was a pain, and since GW didn't make them flat (there's a little slope in thier "geometric artsy" design), it meant that I'd have to file them down to ensure I got smooth transitions between the red (original) base and the black (40mm) base. So I bit the bullet and decided to rebase these guys, twice, making a base akin to a display base (since 40mm bases are too big to use in Space Hulk).

Removing the blood drops was relatively easy and only required the use of a hobby knife and a file. Where I could, I kept iconagraphy that was univeral (the chalis was questionable... but oh well) and replaced blooddrops in chains with round jewels made with green stuff and used as many commander and/or terminator sprue bits as possible. Lastly, I added a few skulls from a chaos sprue that suprisingly matched very well. Here are a couple of examples:

Once it was all said and done, it wasn't that hard to do. It's just slow going for me. The materials I used aren't really inexpensive (see the image below) and overall, are easily found. I used plastic canvas for knitting or cross-stitching (5 8"x11" sheets were like 4 USD), a "No Parking" sign from Home Depot (which was like 3 USD) to use as plasticard and some Evergreen styrene (10 USD, there isn't really a good substitute for pipes and "tech" base fodder).

Once I finish these up and get them primed I'll post some more pictures... as that'll be where the rubber hits the road. Overall, I'm happy with this and look forward to painting these puppies up. 

Also, on an unrelated note - I managed to get a "more matte" finish, which I just put of the not-so-matte finish on my scouts, and I am fairly happy with how they turned out.

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